153 Victorian

075 Victorian


218 Victorian


195 Regency

333 Chinese Floor Design

048 Victorian

128 Victorian

189 Baroque

191 Baroque


042 L.Sullivan 208 L.Sullivan

043 L.Sullivan

206 L.Sullivan 203 L.Sullivan

095 Assyrian

102 Chinese

096 Assyrian

213 Ceiling

220 Indian Ceiling

215 Baroque

225 Baroque

219 Baroque

188 WmMorris

192 WmMorris

193 18th century Ornament

194 18th century Ornament

197 ArtDeco



038 Pompian
267 Pompian Capital

216 Pompian Wall

209 Pompian

312 Late Georgian
196 Regency Design 116 Roman Ornament Detail 235 Roman Ornament 231 Ionic Capital 317 Late Georgian
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Over 30 years of Fine Art education, training and exhibition experience in oils and watercolor.  Interest in history and the decorative arts expanded experience to include historical stencil reproduction and design; ceiling murals influenced by Michelangelo and 18th century Baroque Master Tiepolo; reproduction of period rooms; Old World marbleizing techniques.

Upon this foundation CLASSICAL DECORATIVE ARTS was founded in 1992.  Since its inception we have had commissions in both public and private venues as well in the United States and Europe.  CLASSICAL is a lifetime member of the prestigious International Conference of Decorative Painters, also know as SALON and actively participates.

Service expertise include Renaissance and Baroque Ceiling Murals, reproduction of period rooms, historical stencil repair/reproduction, color and design, marbleizing in French and Italian Style, Furniture and wall gilding, atmospheric and decorative finishes, hand-painted and printed fabrics, color consultations.

“…I work with clients on an individual basis paying close attention to their specific needs regardless of scale.  It is not unusual to be given small areas to transform into jewels”.

Understandably, not all assignments are as ambitious as those featured in this web portfolio, but surely you have just “the” area waiting to be transformed.


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HISTORICAL Stencil Pattern Designs

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